We believe that connecting businesses with vetted, trained, and consistent customer support personnel is vital for any company to thrive in today’s gig-based economy. Our earner community is filled with Brand Advocates who go above and beyond to understand consumer needs and completely surpass support expectations. Whether you’re in need of overflow staffing, receptionist solutions, seasonal help, or you’re simply tired of spending endless time and money on hiring and firing unreliable support, rezeel is here to help.


As someone in our earner community, the Interact platform offers things that no other freelance site provides. Work from home, be your own boss, set your own hours, work on multiple project, and take your gig-based earning to the next level. We provide you with everything you need to start supporting customers including hosted training, intuitive knowledge base, AI scripting, company directives, and more; all within an easy to use online interface

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Martin Golavar, CEO

"Our platform allows for businesses to gain scalable support quickly and affordably while providing a better value to the customer experience and advocacy."

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Andrew Hamilton, COO

"We're helping people find their unrealized potential to live their life with purpose and meaning -- finding connections with each other, their neighborhood, and giving everyone a way to make a difference."